Solar/Wind Energy Training System

Lab-Volt Systems, Inc. is proud to lead the way in offering new hands-on training systems in Alternative, Renewable, and Sustainable Energy Technology.

The Solar/Wind Energy Training System is our initial offering in this series and includes state-of-the-art components and curriculum.

NOTE: Wind turbine generator powered by DC motor drive without turbine blades, for classroom safety. Blades are included for display purposes only.

The Solar/Wind Energy Training System forms a complete hybrid energy training system. This program demonstrates how wind turbines and solar cells are being used in the consumer and industrial markets to supplement the world's power needs.


The trainer is made with real-world components that are used in industry;  the same components that students will see in their own homes, schools, or workplace. Lab-Volt training systems are engineered for extreme ease of use and durability, and are manufactured to the highest quality standards